Energy Generation

Products for Power Generation


  • Wind turbine generators
  • Hydro turbine Generation
  • Large High Voltage power Generation (Coal, Nuclear, Gas, fuel)
  • Low voltage power generation and standby energy


Energy Transmission and storage



  • Oil Filled Power transformers and sub stations
  • Oil Filled Distribution transformers
  • Dry type large transformers
  • Dry type small transformers
  • Small transformers and chokes
  • Production of batteries
  • Transformer testing for manufacturers and grid suppliers
  • Transformer oil improvement


Industrial and domestic application


Industrial Applications

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining and earth moving equipment
  • Industrial applications such as mills

Traction and Transportation


  • Automotive
  • Transportation Rail
  • Aircraft Industry

Domestic applicaitons

Domestic and commune motors, generators and transformers such as:

  • pumps
  • HVAC
  • machinery
  • Stand by geerators