FFM Industrial Solutions LLC proposes machines and equipment to:

 Manufacture electrical Motors and GeneratorsStator



Coral Coil Traction coils

  • Turbo Bars
  • Diamond Coils
  • Armature Coils
  • Concentric Coils
  • Traction Coils
  • Winding Kits



Coils and Bars with Coral Coil Ltd

Photo RTD

Resistance thermometers (RTD), Thermocouples, Thermistors, PTFE Insulated Wire & cables

Logo PCIfrom Process Controls 

 Winding Machines for Toroids and small e-motors

WH800i – Toroid winding machine
– Hook type winding machine
– Digital coil winding machine
– Air coil winding machine for self bonding wire
– Manual spread winding machine
– Automatic winding machine
– Special winding machine
– Motor Equipment

With Wey Hwang machinery


 To purify Transformer oil and prevent failureTransformer issues

  • Oil purification with Atmos



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