Impregnation of Low, Medium and High Voltage motors and generators with Meier Processtechnik

For more than 40 years, Meier have been a strong partner to our customers in a wide variety of industries. Today, we can not only rely on the decades of experience of our company, but also on our sound expertise in almost all industries. Our experts know what is important in your industry. We support you in implementing your goals and ideas.

In the electrical industry and the automotive sector, we supply you with the appropriate impregnation systems for impregnating electric motorsrotors and statorsgenerators and transformers. We improve the performance and service life of your product with an optimal impregnation process. We also have the right drying systems for the drying of transformers in the energy sector or the drying of leaking and porous workpieces in surface technology.
Our systems are characterised by highest quality and reliability and can be individually adapted to your process.


Stand alone machines and full automated lines for Permanent Magnet rotor assembly and High-Tech equipment for production of electric motors, Generators and Transformers from RIMAC

For more than 30 years, RIMAC has been designing and manufacturing machines for the production and repair of electric motors.

Rimac product range covers multiple operations to be performed on the electric motor, in its various configurations and size.

Thanks to the experience and flexibility consolidated over the last 3 decades, our team is capable of providing tailor-made solutions meeting the strictest requirements and guaranteeing the highest customer satisfaction.

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