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Profit from the experience and best technical performance for complete impregnation and curing solutions made by the global leader, Meier Prozesstechnik. Over 1000 impregnation systems delivered worldwide. In the US and North America we supplied a large number of units, ranging in size from small lab units up to the biggest VPI unit in North America and one of the largest in the world. All systems tailor made to customer’s specifications.

We supply impregnation plants in different designs tailored exactly to your needs:

  • Impregnation vessels with diameters of 19.7 feet (6,000 mm) or larger.
  • Impregnation vessels of up to 49.2 feet (15,000 mm) in length
  • Vertical designs, Horizontal designs, Fully automatic systems, Process visualization, Process      data storage, management and analysis
  • Designs are not resin dependent
  • Processing in Vacuum Pressure Impregnation VPI, Processing in Vacuum Pressure Impregnation VPI, vacuum Impregnation, Atmospheric bath impregnation and Combination of impregnation and hardening plants.
  • Specialists in Single bar/coil VPI systems, as well as global VPI

Hot dip impregnation with resistance or induction heating

UV Curing systems

Trickling systems

Fully automated Dip and Bake systems including continuous curing ovens.

Highly energy efficient curing ovens


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Brochure Hot impregnation technology fromMeier

Brochure of Hot Dip Technology from Meier




Modular Brochure picImpregnation Systems (AI, VI, VPI)


Oven Technology (AIRTEC)


Brochure Vacuum Drying from Meier

Brochure Meier Service

Brochure Meier Technology Center






Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI), Vacuum Impregnation (VI)


Ovens for Pre-Heating, Curing or Drying


Automatic systems – Please see special page on Automotive and automatic systems from Meier.




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