Meier automation impregnation systems for E-Motors and Generators

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Meier Prozesstechnik has developed a wide range of fully Automated systems for the production of electrical drives, electrical motors and generators that are used in many industries. In Particular in the Automotive industry, where they became the global leader for the automatic production of e-motors.

We use different combinations of impregnation and heating techniques that are the best choice for our customer’s productivity and quality. Some examples are:

  • Fully or semiautomatic trickling with resistance / UV Curing. Number of stations adapted to customer’s quantity needs.
  • Fully or semi-automatic dip impregnation with or without Vacuum and resistance / UV heating
  • Fully or semi-automatic dip impregnation with resistance heating and conventional oven curing.
  • Automatic dip and bake impregnation systems with induction heating (heating of the cores with Magnetic field) for fast temperature increase and conventional ovens for curing and low losses.
  • Other combination available.


Below some photos of such units, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Meier will improve your performance, they are the leading global suppliers for the automotive industry.

Automated Impregnation from Meier

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