Wey Hwang Inc – Winding machines


Wey Hwang Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan, in 1989. By the staff devotion spirit of quality promotion and customers’ service, the business grew gradually and in 1993 they established the branch in Hong Kong to serve Hong Kong customers and develop China market. Meanwhile, in order to promote international market, they have agents and distributors in United Kingdom, Italy, and Israel to see Wey Hwang product in the overseas local. Wey Hwang is starting in the US markets, although they already have many machines installed and working here. In 1997, for enhancing China customers’ service, we also established the factory in Dongguan and Kunshan, China.

The main product of Wey Hwang Co., Ltd. are winding machines. There are manual type, digital type coil winding machines digital toroid, special coil and transformer winding machines. All products are designed by Wey Hwang. To provide customers excellent quality, the digital coil winding machine series and the digital toroid winding machine series have passed the European Standard CE testing from the Germany Identify- TUV.

Therefore, we believe only the continuously strict product quality control, high selling service /after-sales service and new product design can have a foothold on this more and more competitive winding machine market.

Winding Machine