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FFM industrial Solutions LLC is a company dedicated to supply equipment and materials to manufacturers of electrical machines . We are committed to help our customers to increase quality and productivity.

New website from Coral Coil USA LLC

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Coral Coil Has updated its materials and services to:

Materials – Bars and coils from 400V to 22KV

Insulation Kits

Services – Engineering services for Repair and rewinding

Winders (we can help other field service companies with experienced winders)


Coral Coil Case study


This is a photo of a stator of a turbo generator being refurbished with bars from Coral Coil.

Some data on this machine:


water cooled

Size 5 x 12m (196”’ x 472”)

An example of the work we do for our customers, together with our partners.


Introducing Modular VPI systems from Meier

Modular Brochure pic

NEW Installations from Meier

Some new Installed Projects. This is high precision and technology from Meier Prozesstechnik

Coral Coil

Photo Montage Coral Coil

FFM Industrial Solutions LLC is glad to inform that we are representing Coral Coil a global leading producer of high voltage coils and the sole coil manufacturer in India to be certified ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2005 and 18001:2007.

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Hay Hwang component winders.

We are introducing a new product range of machines to wind electronic components. This time from Taiwan. They are very affordable high-quality machines. Find out more


Highly cost and energy effective Curing and Drying ovens from Meier

Flexibility, energy saving, in both electrical or gas ovens. Do you want to know More? Please contact us

Infrared picture of a Meier Over showing low losses
Very low losses in our ovens

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